Mary is the youngest of seven children. She was born in Duluth, Minnesota. 
The visual Arts have been a part of her life since she can remember. She still has all her drawings from when she was a young child. 

A self-taught artist, Mary launched her artist website in 2014 on 

 My Grandson once asked me, "Nonnie, why do you paint?"  I told him, when I paint I find a place deep in my soul and hopefully leave some of who I am as a person on the canvas for others to feel and appreciate. 
The process of creating a painting, for me is really an emotional outlet. 

My love of animals and the outdoors inspires me to capture that beauty  and recreate it with my own personal artistic style. 

Each piece is very personal and it reflects my growth as not just an artist but a person. My hope is to share what I've created with others, because I have only so many walls in my house. 

I am also a writer. I have written and published three novels, "Foreign Affair ", "Where Lyons Lie" and "Thistle Dew. " All of which are available on Amazon. 

My other passion is horses. I have a Paint gelding named Geronimo, who's taught me the importance of patience and commitment.  

In 2011, my husband and I made Teton Valley, Idaho our home. The raw, unfettered beauty and untamed land of Teton County Idaho and Wyoming has become the perfect backdrop for me to create my art. I feel truly blessed to live in this part of the country.